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Many of our customers, before buying a replica, have never owned an automatic watch and do not know how to use it … and above all they do not know how they should NOT use it.

After purchasing the watch, several customers do not take long to ruin the movement and complain to us because after a few months of use the watch no longer holds the charge or the date does not work.

Let’s start with an assumption: the replica before being a replica is an automatic watch and, as such, very delicate.

Automatic watches, unlike quartz ones (those with batteries for instance) are very delicate and work thanks to a complex system of gears.

I leave you some rules that I hope you can read before buying your first automatic watch (be it a replica or an original).

1) If it is your first time choose a model without a date. It is much less complex and much more difficult to sabotage.

2) Water resistant does NOT mean that you can hold it to take a shower and immerse it in hot water.

3) If you have chosen a model with a date, never adjust the date when the minute and hour hands are in the upper crescent of the dial (between 9 and 3 o’clock).

4) When pulling out the crown try to be delicate. It’s just common sense!

5) When the watch is stopped, make about thirty turns of charge before using it.

6) Try not to leave too long your watch, it will get ruined.

For now I will stop here.

See you next time!

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